Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer shades from Armani Beauty

I paid a long-awaited visit to the beauty department in Brown Thomas today; it was the first time I'd been in since before the baby was born. I mainly wanted to see the new Armani Tokyo Corals collection, as well as the Blushing Fabric, but sadly none of the products were in stock, due to the delivery going to Cork instead of Dublin.

I did get to play with the testers, however, and came away with a generous sample of the Blushing Fabric in shade 3 - a lovely peachy pink (don't pay any attention to the shade descriptions on the Armani website - as usual they are way off). This blends beautifully to leave a wash of colour and the tiniest dab is all you need, so even though the tube looks small for the €35 pricetag, it will last forever.

It looked like only some of the Tokyo Corals testers were out, but I did like the look of Shine lipstick in shade 54, a nice bright summery pink. The lollipop pink and coral nail polishes were absolutely gorgeous and perfect for glossy summer manicures and pedicures.

Let's hope that delivery finds its way back to Dublin some time soon!

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