Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kiehl's comes to Dublin

The news that Kiehl's was coming to Dublin caused me great excitement when I heard it and I couldn't wait to get into town to visit the shop when it finally opened at the start of the month. I've always loved the Kiehl's shops whenever I've been in the US and have tried and liked quite a few of their products before now, so I was looking forward to trying even more of them now that they were finally accessible.

My first impressions of the shop were very good. Prices are not horrifically high compared to the US dollar or Sterling prices and the staff are friendly and helpful without being in your face if you just want to browse. My purchases were packed into a reusable zipped plastic cosmetics case, which I imagine is an introductory thing:

I picked up Creme de Corps (€31 for 250ml), Açaí Damage-Repairing Serum (€43), Baby Lip Balm (€10) and Lip Gloss in Goldenberry (€16).

I was very kindly asked what type of products I'd like to sample and opted for haircare, since I haven't used any of their haircare products before. The sales assistant also added in the body scrub, which she said was a favourite of hers.

I'm particularly impressed with their recycling programme - bring back 3 empty Kiehl's containers and get 3 deluxe samples; 3 more and get another 3 deluxe samples; 2 more on top of that gets you a free Lip Balm #1 and 2 more again will bag you a free full-size Liquid Body Cleanser. Okay, you'd have to buy a lot of Kiehl's products to begin with to snag yourself all those freebies, but if you are a fan then it's a great way to reward your recycling efforts!


Ash3 said...

I wanted to get a night cream, but apparently they don't have one in stock yet. You're right though, the girls are really helpful in Kiehl's. I love the choice of cosmetics/skincare you blog about. It would be great if you could do a post on maternity/post maternity skin/beauty care. I'm due in October and although everything is still looking alright, I hear it all falls apart once the baby comes and I'm panicked about my hair! Any advice from someone who's just had a baby would be great.

xgirl said...

Thanks for your comment, Ash3 :)

I am currently in the throes of post-partum hair loss and looking into what kind of things I can do to help it, so if I come up with something that works for me I will definitely post about it! I'll also think about a post on skincare - thanks for your interest :)

Ash3 said...

That would be great. Much appreciated : )

Liset M3 said...

Kiehl's products are amazing!!!I work at a L'Oreal outlet and we also carry Kiehl's and I'm surprised how many people are not familiar with the brand. Have a great day..!!


Linhy said...

I am completely crazy about Kiehl's too!!! only place I can find it in Chicago is at Saks

ThisIsAlx said...

I love kiehl's!!