Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chanel Riviera is summer in a bottle

The summer sunshine at the weekend made me crave lollipop shades on my fingers and toes, and when I spied Chanel's Riviera nail polish on the counter I knew it was the one for me. I also fully expected it to be sold out - this is Chanel we're talking about, where shades like Black Satin, Vendetta and Particuliere have sold out before even hitting the shelves in recent seasons. The gods were smiling on me, however, and I scored the very last bottle they had - "I'll be murdered when all the women who looked for this during the week come back in! I told them we were getting an order in and we only got two bottles" breathed the sales assistant, her eyes wide at the drama of it all.

Caught up in the excitement, I gave in to her suggestion that I absolutely needed a base coat to use with it. And although I rarely bother with basecoats or topcoats, I have to admit that this one seemed to do a good job - despite my recent manic hand washing habit and a less than careful job applying the polish, I got a full 5 days out of the manicure before a chip appeared.

Riviera is a delicious Legally Blonde pink - depending on the light it varies between a bright raspberry and a neon pink and yet somehow manages not to look garish against my paleness. Perfect for fingers and toes - now if only we could get last weekend's temperatures back so I could break out the sandals and some perfectly pink toes...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

APC Madras

I took a look at the APC website the other day and happily discovered the new Madras collection is up. The Madras collections are always lovely and summery and happily more affordable than the main line.

I fell in love with this blouse, but it was sadly sold out:

(the print looks much better in this close-up:)

Luckily they still had this t-shirt in stock:

and I couldn't say no to yet another summer scarf:

Finally, since the lovely April weather has given way to a much cooler May, leading me to wonder whether there's any chance of a warm summer this year, I had to pick up this sailor pullover:

Loving the button detail on the hip!