Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!

My Christmas tree is from Muji this year - not having a lot of floor space free means getting a bit creative, cause I'd hate to be without a tree at all. But this little wooden one (complete with hanging decorations) is perfect for a small space.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas and looking forward to bringing you plenty more pretty, shiny and sparkly things in 2009!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Radley Kanton sunglasses

It has been a quiet few weeks on the blogging front, while I concentrated on lovely things for those other than myself. I've finished the Christmas shopping by now, however, and it's time to focus on all the pretty things I'd love again...

In Arnotts at the weekend, I discovered that Radley (yes, the makers of those handbags with the little dogs on them) also do a lovely line in sunglasses. I may have been wrapped up in hat and scarf at the time, but it didn't stop me from trying on this lovely pair - the Kanton. I love the ice cream colours - cream on the outside and pink on the inside, and the flower and leaf pattern cut into the arms. The squared off shape and curved frame are also very flattering on.

The Kanton sunglasses are priced at €120 in Arnotts, and £75 sterling on the Radley website.