Thursday, July 29, 2010

New from RMK - Gel Emulsion Compact

Can you guess what my latest RMK purchase is? I love the Alice in Wonderland style messages on their product packaging.

Yes, it's the new Gel Emulsion Compact! RMK's base makeup products are among my very favourites and I've never used a foundation that I liked better than their Liquid and Creamy foundations, so I had to try this compact foundation when I saw it on lookfantastic.

Ideal for dry skin, this gel-based foundation glides on easily - I'm not usually a fan of compact foundations as I find them difficult to apply and blend, but this is very easy to apply for a sheer, even finish using the sponge that comes with it. As with the Liquid and Creamy foundations, what I most love about it is the way it seems to melt into my skin and not look at all obvious on. If you like a dewy finish, this is a good option and I found it very comfortable to wear all day (if your skin tends to be more oily or requires something less hydrating, then the Liquid Foundation would be a better option).

Choosing foundation online can be a gamble unless you know your shade - I chose 201 based on what I wear in the Liquid and Creamy foundations and though it looks a bit pink in the compact, it is a perfect match for me.

RMK is no longer available in Ireland but can be found on lookfantastic, where this Gel Emulsion Compact is priced at £33.


makeupbyjem said...

This looks so awesome!

Anonymous said...

this looks nice! do you know where to get that in LA?

xgirl said...

Jess, I don't believe RMK is sold in the US so you'd only be able to get it online unless you'll be in the UK or Asia!