Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globes Red Carpet

Yes, it was a bit frustrating that so many attendees at last weekend's Golden Globes award ceremony chose to wore very neutral or nude-coloured dresses. I do like to see something a bit out of the ordinary on the red carpet (and I'm not even asking for egg-laying swan dresses all of the time, just something slightly unusual). Having said that, however, my two favourite looks at this year's awards were Amanda Seyfried (of Mamma Mia fame, although she'll always be Lily Kane to me) and America Ferrera (aka Ugly Betty).

Amanda Seyfried looked luminous in pale dove grey and I love that she didn't feel the need for a fake tan (actually, the overdone tan/bronzed look was mainly noticeable for its absence, which I was pleased to see).

I also loved her very simple makeup - softly smudged eyeliner and the focus on a strong pink lip. Very pretty and not overdone, perfect for a younger actress.

Again a pale grey/taupe dress - but the shorter length and defined shape really worked on America Ferrera.

I also loved her pretty makeup - strong brows, rosy lip and cleanly-lined eye. It's a classic look for a reason.

Now, roll on the Oscars...

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