Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fashion-tastic TV: Gossip Girl starts on TG4 tonight!

If you happen to be at home by 6pm (I love TG4 and their mad scheduling times - this may be a tv show about teens, but it's not really a 6pm-type show) and haven't already picked up on this shiny wonder, then flick over to TG4 and prepare to be dazzled. Following a group of super-rich teenagers on New York's Upper East Side, Gossip Girl's characters are celebrities in their world, thanks to the unseen title character's blog, regularly updated with salacious details of their goings-on.

I tuned into this originally for the fashion and beauty side of things, but quickly discovered a very entertaining, witty and well-written series. Leighton Meester shines in her role as Blair Waldorf, the queen bee who holds court on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum every morning before school. Blake Lively is Serena, Blair's former best friend, whose return to the city (after disappearing suddenly to boarding school 6 months previously) sets off a flurry of activity on Gossip Girl's blog and among its readers.

Tune in if you get the chance (or look out for the DVDs) and feel free to drop a comment here if you like it, or even if you don't!

UPDATE: Catch up with the show on Monday at 10pm in case the 6pm timeslot is too early!


Peter said...

Love this show!! I'm already well in to season 2 which is currently showing in America (don't ask how!!) and it's brilliant!!

Elaine said...

Love this show, also well into S2 like Peter said... ways and means, ways and means. I picked up S1 on DVD for £17.

It's all about Blair. All. Though Serena has some fab dresses... and I'm ashamed of my love for Chuck Bass.

fashionfilosofy said...

love Blair and Jenny and Vanessa too. Serena's clothes bore me to death! on season two now! and oh it gets so much better! heehee