Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Orla Kiely Etc SS10 - Baby Changing Bag

As you may have gathered from previous posts, I love, love, love Orla Kiely. So when I discovered the baby changing bag in the Etc range for SS10 while I was pregnant, I immediately started plotting my justifications for spending that amount of money on a changing bag.

As it turns out, having a baby means you don't have to justify wanting a fancy baby bag and my very lovely husband picked it up for me for my birthday.

In case you do need a justification, however, this isn't limited only to baby stuff and the multiple pockets will also make it very useful later on. There's a large zip pocket on the back where I keep my wallet and keys, a smaller zip pocket on the inside that's perfect for a mobile phone, two slit pockets on the front where I always know I'll find my carpark or train ticket and then the six elasticated compartments inside which are currently being used for nappies, muslins, babygrows and cotton wool, but will also work for water bottles, umbrellas, cameras and sunglasses in the future - goodbye to searching blindly through a jumble of items thrown together in a vast bag!


Shushy said...

The bag is gorgeous. Congrats on the new baby!!!! I think if you manage to create a new life and bring it into the world then all purchases are entirely justified for the rest of your life:)

xgirl said...

I like your thinking :) Thanks!

Irmhild said...

i love that bag... those weren't out when i had my baby and i spent ages trying to decide weather i shouldn't just buy an orla kiely maxi sling... but in the end bought a skip hop nappy bag, which is lovely, and a lot more practical than the maxi sling would have been... but now that orla kiely has a nappy bag... maybe i can justify it for my next?

xgirl said...

I think you definitely can justify it for your next Irmhild :)