Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New shoes

I've been living in Converse (one pair of charcoal high-tops and one pair of pink low-tops) for the last few months and much as I love them, I decided it was time to add some actual shoes into the mix. I came across this pair in Massimo Dutti and while it was the sparkly gold-ness of them that caught my eye, it was the buttery softness of the leather when I picked them up that made me fall in love.

I have incredibly delicate feet which blister and bleed at the slightest resistance provided by a shoe, but these slip on like kid gloves and are as light as a feather. The style is a bit different to what I usually wear, and Himself has wondered aloud whether I'm about to break into a solo tap routine from time to time, but I love them.

Massimo Dutti also has another beautiful pair in the softest mushroom suede. I thought the sparkly gold finish would be slightly more forgiving of the inevitable scuffs and scratches they'll develop over time, but I still find myself day-dreaming about the beautifully soft suede...


Lena Cleff said...

i love the color, very unique. i've been looking for a pair myself, still on the search :)

Ash3 said...

love Massimo Dutti and these shoes are fab.. Buying shoes in Ireland can be such a painful experience I find.