Sunday, November 15, 2009

Earning my stripes

I have a terrible tendency to buy the same type of clothes over and over again once I find a formula I love. And so my not-very-fashion secret comes out - if I had to pick one outfit to live in, it would be jeans, a long-sleeved stripy tee and Converse. Not very creative or individual, but so damn easy when you don't know what else to wear on a quiet Sunday.

So when I spotted this perfect example of the striped tee in Gap on Saturday, I promptly bought it. In three colours (oh yes, my other fashion secret is my slightly OCD tendency to buy multiple colours of items I really like - I also got the dark blue merino wool cardigan which I already have in brown). Navy, red and purple all caught my eye, and I must confess I might have even got the grey too if they'd had it in my size. These are soft, warm, satisfyingly long in sleeve and body and very accommodating of my growing bump. And when they're past their best for outdoor wear, they'll make fantastic pyjama tops.

Good work, Gap (despite the fact that you wouldn't let me use the 30% discount on your cashmere range).

Price: €22
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wyn said...

I've bought some new striped sweaters for this winter -- in cashmere. They are TO DIE FOR.

How are you, missus? Miss M settling for the night and I'm sucking back a big ol' glass of wine.

xgirl said...

Ooh, nice! I'm missing the winning combination of stripes AND cashmere from my wardrobe...

I'm good thanks :) Ever expanding but feeling great!