Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chocolates with style from Altmann & Kuehne

One of my favourite shops in Vienna isn't a grand department store or a trendy clothing emporium, but a teeny tiny little chocolate shop called Confiserie Altmann & Kuehne. In there you'll find the most beautifully packaged boxes of the most divinely diminutive hand-made chocolates - all very Alice in Wonderland.

Pick out the box you like (as well as the traditional box below, you could choose a heart-shaped box, a mini hat-box or - if feeling particularly decadent - a sewing-case which opens in tiered levels), the colour design of your choice and the lovely ladies will wrap it up carefully so it makes it home in one piece. And in case you don't plan to visit Vienna any time soon, you can even order online at the link above.

The only difficult part is trying to restrain yourself from eating the whole box in one go...

The outer layer

One layer in

The gorgeous Wiener Werkstaette design box

And the payoff


mise said...

They look exquisite! How small is diminutive in this case?

xgirl said...

I should have included a scale for reference :) This box is 8cm x 8cm, so each chocolate is probably about 1.5cm² or so.