Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food frenzy at the Vienna Naschmarkt

We visited Vienna, one of my favourite European cities, for a few days earlier this month. It might not be as fashionable as Paris or have a thriving underground scene like Berlin, but I still have a brilliant time and find something new to see or do everytime I go there. This time we happened to be staying near the famous Naschmarkt, an open air market which has been in existence more than 200 years and which now includes numerous restaurant and cafes where you'll surely find any international cuisine you're craving.

For some silly reason we chose to go directly after our big buffet breakfast in the hotel, but I'm already planning my next trip and you can be sure it will involve a visit here on an empty stomach. Just take a look to see why...

A flowering artichoke used as decoration

A rainbow of deliciousness stuffed with creamy cheese

Cheeses, hummous and stuffed vegetables - so pretty this could be an ice cream counter

A close-up of those stuffed vegetables

Spicy green chili peppers

... and some red ones too

Fresh vegetables as far as the eye could see

The most appetising looking olives

Every kind of spice you could possibly need

Some weirdly shaped little squash-type things

The Naschmarkt can be found at the Wienzeile, 1040 Vienna; take the U4 Kettenbr├╝ckengasse or U4, U2 Karlsplatz to get there. Open from Monday to Saturday, make sure to get there early on Saturday for the best brunch options in the many restaurants.

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