Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pizza + Benefit = Happy Fashion Bloggers

It doesn't get much better than delicious Milano pizza and Benefit goodie bags at noon on a showery Saturday in May. And so it was that the 10th Fashion Bloggers' Brunch passed happily in a haze of pizza, indigo mascara and teeny lemon tarts.

Important lessons were learned (when applying Benefit Lip Plump, you want to aim for two dots, blended well, rather than applying a full coat as you would with lipgloss), accessories were admired, politics (or at least political posters) were discussed and a birthday was celebrated.

Thanks as usual to the lovely Annmarie for organising it all - looking forward to next month!

1 comment:

English Mum said...

Ooh lucky thang. I got my Benefit 'Some Kinda Gorgeous' today, but don't have a foundation brush which La Benefit Lady said was important. Off shopping tomorrow then... x