Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bourjois Rouge Hi-tech

I must admit that I have never been a lipstain fan. This is mainly as a result of an unfortunate run-in (with a product I won't name and shame) years back, when I ended up with lips stained purple only on the outer edges, giving me the look of a vampire who'd just finished dinner. Well, that or a wino. Anyway, when I spotted these little beauties on the Bourjois display, I thought "Never say never" and decided to give one a shot.

Rouge Hi-tech is a water-based liptint that comes in a cute plastic container, with a sponge-tipped wand applicator. I was a bit worried that applying it right would be like learning how colour between the lines all over again, but it turned out to be pretty easy. The tint stays in place where you apply it, but does blend well before it dries, so you can correct any mistakes. It's also easy to apply a sheer coat, or build up to get more colour. You do need to make sure your lips are in fairly good condition, as flakes will catch more colour and give an uneven result, so I always apply a coat of balm and then blot off before applying.

The lasting power of Rouge Hi-tech is a huge plus point for me. When I apply before breakfast, it lasts through breakfast and lunch with only some fading, and the colour fades so gradually and evenly that you don't need to worry about running to a mirror to top it up. I also regularly apply lipbalm over the tint and it does not affect it at all.

The shade I bought is the one used above - Rose Pixel. It's a pretty rosy pink with a touch of red - perfect for summer. There are a number of other shades available and I have my eye on a lovely shade of fuchsia...

Rouge Hi-tech is priced at around €10.70, with most retailers currently offering an introductory price of around €8.50.

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