Saturday, January 9, 2010

Elle and Vogue in February

Buying magazines is a fairly routine activity, but for some reason I still get a thrill when I pick up a new magazine each month, particularly when there is a lovely cover and the promise of new Spring fashion inside (especially in the middle of The Big Freeze). Today I picked up the February UK editions of Elle and Vogue and both are especially beautiful.

Elle has the edge, I think. Natalie Portman looks lovely and I love what she's wearing, but it's the muted tones of the cover that look fresh and particularly appeal to me.

Vogue jumped out at me for a different reason. Although I don't think I love that dress by itself, the colour combination of lilac and hot pink is really eye catching and full of promise that the snow, ice and slush will soon (I hope) disappear and be replaced by the colours of Spring.


Rosemary said...

It's funny how things come full circle - the Vogue cover really reminds me of 1990s Vogues we have lying around the house. I think it's the colours.
As for Elle, while I love it, think it has the best fashion going for glossy magazines, I'm kind of sick of the covers. While, taking each one on its own, they're lovely, beautifully shot, classy etc, they're all beginning to look a bit samey to me now. I know they're going for a distinctive Elle "style", but I'd love something new!

xgirl said...

Yes, I know what you mean about Elle. I like that they're doing their covers a bit differently, but since they adopted that style the covers have been very similar quite often. At least they stepped away from the blue background this time :)

Svetlana said...

What I loved about Elle was the pics of Natalie inside. The one where she's wearing an LBD - ladies, pay attention, her knees AREN'T twice the size of her thighs!:) I say, yay to a celeb with a real non-starved body!! :D