Friday, October 3, 2008

Silk Scarf from APC

Accessories are invaluable when it comes to refreshing your look. Who needs a new wardrobe every season when you can make classic outfits look brand new with a well-chosen scarf or belt? And it just so happens that accessories is where my own wardrobe is sadly lacking, so I think I may just need to remedy that, starting with this leopard-print silk scarf from APC.

A little bit fun and a little bit retro-glam, this is just what I need to inject a bit of fashion into the many basic staples in my wardrobe. A plain t-shirt and jeans (or, in this weather, a nice cashmere jumper and jeans) will instantly look more interesting with the addition of this scarf. Now I just need to decide on the colour...

Sandwashed silk
100% silk

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