Saturday, July 19, 2008

Handbag Heaven: Sissi Rossi

I've been admiring Sissi Rossi bags for a long time, so when I stepped into Harvey Nichols in Dundrum last weekend and spotted a few from their Autumn/Winter 07-08 collection on sale at 75% off, I stopped, caught like a rabbit in the headlights. Made of the softest, squishiest buffalo leather, these bags are luxurious, but designed to be worn and loved - the leather will just get better age.

After some wavering, I eventually settled on this gorgeous stone grey one. With sturdy handles and a long strap, it is versatile and can be carried or worn on your shoulder or across the body. It is also fairly voluminous, so I'll be able to carry my life around with me on a daily basis, as usual.

Check out more Sissi Rossi bags online or in Harvey Nichols.


Anonymous said...

oh man!

i just got home and i saw that same purse but in the

it came out to like 570 =/

i know its cheap but it would take me forever to get pay it lol!

Lottie said...